Tuesday, December 2, 2008

in the interest of......

an outpouring of the past, passed, revolves tightly around the path of least resistance.  these roads are paved with images "good" and "bad", a drably colored pop-up book with educational undertones, the likes of which can only be felt in retrospection, the earth moving too fast to keep up in real time.  the last few weeks have seen a resurgence of home and the ideal of such, they have been a roller-coaster of productivity on all fronts, including the pasttimes of my life B.C..  this week i will be participating in numerous group shows.  the list is as follows:

urban art network winter extravaganza of wonder-filled arts  thursday 12-4, the cleaners at the ace hotel, 11th and sw stark.
woodpushers skateboarding art extravaganza, thursday 12-4, hecklewood gallery, nw third between davis and couch.  WESTSIDE!

destroy clothing holiday funtimes, friday 12-5, destroy store, 18th and e burnside
breeze block grand re-opening holiday art blowout, friday 12-5, right across from destroy on e burnside and 19th. EASTSIDE!

come one. come all.  one might be able to catch a glimpse of the seedling bear, if you have not seen him already, at the friday shows, although the surf is looking pretty epic that day so who knows.....................

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