Thursday, April 30, 2009

here, is where we are.........

so i calls up some homies of mine and let them in on my 10-4, and we decide to hit the road together.  we stopped off in selma, california to take in some freshness, we had a gander at some local art.
after feasting for a couple of days on some sleep and sunshine we were on our way south where we stopped off to pick up my friend sexy steve.  when we showed up he was reading and was little irritated at our unexpected arrival but he also decided to come along for the ride.
there aint nothing inbetween la and nogales except a buncha sand and the occasional cow, so i ain't  gonna bore yous with the details of those four days, but needless to say my buddy charlie kept me occupied. 
after three days of dusty driving south of the border we stopped at punta perula and cracked open a bottle whoop ass and washed it down with a little pig sweat, oops why am i coughing?  why are all of these people wearing masks?  why is everybody's story different?  is this gonna help the economy?  hasta luego cabrones...........

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